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Summer is here and we can't miss any precious second of it! So when Newchic asked me to create a brand new post I've immediately thought about the ultimate summer bucket list according to which I plan to sunbathe, swim, have fun, spend as much time as possible with friends and just enjoy the season with Newchic.

You know that perfect shop with both clothes, accessories, women dresses, swimwear and all the goods you needed. So is Newchic and I'm really happy to introduce it to you! I love create wishlists and made this one with items from Newchic that will perfectly match some summer occasions and plans we all need to do. So go check it now and find some fun ideas for you this summer like:

to grow hydrangeas in Newchic blue floral print V-neck puff sleeve dress
pic via @oldsilvershed

spend whole day with friends in Newchic bohemian gold necklace with stars and pendant
pic via @alex_k123

have a beach day with Newchic blue chain shoulder bag
pic via @sandra_ezenva

watch the sunset with Newchic brown hazel colored contact lenses
pic via @howtosasha

have a picnic with Newchic denim bucket hat
pic via @_justynaniko_

make a wildflower bouquet in Newchic elegant pearl necklace with shells
pic via @erikahausser

take photos in field in Newchic metal full frame sunglasses
pic via @nastya.mandrik

do dinners for two with a view in Newchic pink floral print strap dress

pic via @angiesophie

eat citruses in Newchic tricolor backless one piece swimwear
pic via @xinavanpraet

enjoy every moment in Newchic square clip toe high heel sandals
pic via @matildadjerf


Collages — Christina Vartanova.
Yours truly, Christina&Karina.

Christina Vartanova

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